Unit Converter

An easy to use PHP unit conversion library.

Converter allows you to convert any unit to any other compatible unit type. It has no external dependencies, simply include the library in your project and you’re away!


Full documentation : https://nfraz007.github.io/unit_converter/

Live Demo : http://project.nfraz.co.in/unit_converter

Convertor can handle a wide range of unit types including:

See The Documentation for full list of units in Convertor.

If you need aditional unit types, then it is easy to add your own.


Setting up Convertor could not be simpler.

Include the library is very easy

require "UnitConverter.php";

Simple Example

Once you have included the UnitConverter.php library.

$obj = new UnitConverter();

echo $obj->convert(2,"km","ft"); //returns converted value

2 Km = 6561.6797900262 Ft

Convert a Unit

To convert a unit, create an instance of UnitConverter class. you can then call the convert() function on the UnitConverter object, passing three values as number, from, to which is

number : the integer/decimal value which is going to be converted

from : initial unit

to : final unit in which the number you want to convert

$obj = new UnitConverter();
echo $obj->convert(2, "km", "ft");

2 Km = 6561.6797900262 Ft

Get list/perticular Unit data

You can get the list of unit data with just one function. The getUnit() function return all the unit data. if you want to see the perticular unit then pass the unit as a parameter to this function.

$obj = new UnitConverter();
echo $obj->getUnit();

Output will be a json string

$obj = new UnitConverter();
echo $obj->getUnit("km");

{“name”:”kilometer”, “base”:”m”, “factor”:1000}

Adding/Insert custom unit

If you want to add custom unit then it is also very easy. This can be done using the function putUnit(). This function take four argument as unit, name, base, factor. all data must be not null and unit need not be present in existing unit array. factor must be a integer/decimal value and not be equal to zero.

$obj = new UnitConverter();

It will add this unit to the unit array.

Edit/Update existing unit

If you want to modify existing factor value of a certain unit, then it is also a very easy task. Just call a function setUnit() and it will do rest of things for you. This function takes two parameter as unit and factor.

$obj = new UnitConverter();
$obj->setUnit("km", 10000);

It will modify the factor value of km.

Available Units

UnitConverter comes with a large number of standard units build in. this section details all of these units by category.

The base unit for each category is highlighted in bold.







Plane Angle



Data Storage